How I can help

My way of working is relational, which means placing the person at the heart of therapy and
building a trusting relationship where a client can explore their emotional needs in a safe and
confidential environment.

As human beings we are quite unique in our ability to turn our thoughts inwards and observe
ourselves and in doing so we learn to understand our emotions and in turn the emotions of
others. This ability helps us to feel connected to each other and helps us build lasting,
fulfilling relationships, with our partners, families and friends. However, past traumas or
present day difficulties can undermine and compromise this unique ability and affect our
emotional wellbeing.

Some clients live in a state of anxiety and stress long before seeking help. Therapy is a way
of working through these difficult emotions so that you gain a clearer understanding and feel
more connected to yourself and others.

What I can help with:

• Anxiety
• Abuse
• Confidence
• Depression
• Emotional distress
• Isolation
• Identity
• Low Self-esteem
• Loss
• Loneliness
• Pregnancy-related issues
• Relationships


Length of Therapy
Session times

My fee is £40 per session.

I offer short term and long term therapy.


Thursday, Friday & Saturday
8am to 8pm

Sorry, I am currently not taking new clients until February 2022.